Sikh men in Canada use turbans to rescue stranded hikers; video goes viral

A video showing a group of Sikh men in Canada using their turbans to rescue two hikers stranded in a waterfall pool has gone viral.

Kuljinder Kinda was hiking with four friends in Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia when they came across two men who had slipped on a rock and fallen into a pool below a waterfall, reported Global News. A three-minute video shows Kinda and his friends removing their turbans to fashion a makeshift rope with which they hauled the pair to safety in a rescue that is being widely lauded on social media. 

Kinda shared footage of the rescue on WhatsApp and it made its way to hiking groups on social media platforms like Facebook.

The five men reportedly tried to look around for help – unsuccessfully – and then came up with the idea of removing their turbans to create a rope.

Robert Laing, the search and rescue manager at Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue, was also among those who praised the group of friends. Laing was on duty when the accident occurred and reached the scene shortly after Kinda and his friends had already rescued the hikers.