WATCH: Airline worker falls off Airbus A320 as crew removes stepladder at Jakarta Airport

A shocking video of a man falling from an airplane has surfaced online. According to reports, the incident took place at the Jakarta Airport when an airline worker fell off a TransNusa Airbus A320 as the stepladder was removed just before he took a step backward.

The stepladder was removed seconds before the man took a step backward. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
The stepladder was removed seconds before the man took a step backward. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

After falling from the plane, the airline worker was rushed for treatment and his condition is now stable. Fortunately, he hasn’t sustained any serious injuries, as per reports.

The viral video of the incident shows two crew members detaching the stepladder from the plane. As one of the crew members comes into the frame and stands at the plane’s door, he looks in the opposite direction. Moments later, he steps backward, assuming the stepladder is still there, and plummets straight to the tarmac.

The video of the incident has gone viral on the Internet. Many social media users have reacted to it while raising concern after mishap.

A user, raising questions about the removal of the stepladder, wrote, “How did they remove the stepladder without [the aircraft] door [being] closed? Isn’t that basic SOP! This is the worst nightmare for any ground staff/crew.”

Another user blamed the airline worker, writing, “Prima facie, the airline staffer seems to be at fault because he was not alert and failed to notice that the ladder had moved away from the aircraft.”

A third user expressed surprise by saying, “I never understand how people are there at the right time in the right place to record such incidents.”

One user also raised concerns about the protocols followed for inspecting the plane, stating, “This is concerning—what protocols does this team follow while inspecting the plane and engine when they did not bother with a basic head count or signal before removing the ladder?”

Jakarta Airport authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident and have promised to implement measures to prevent future accidents, according to TransNusa Airlines, established in August 2005, is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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