Ssssurprise: Bengaluru woman receives ‘free snake’ with Amazon order, shares video on social media

A shocking incident has come to light from Karnataka where a Bengaluru couple discovered a snake inside a package they had ordered online from Amazon on Sunday. According to a report by India Today, the couple, both software engineers, had ordered an Xbox controller but were horrified to find a spectacled cobra, a venomous snake, […]

VIRAL: Indian restaurant in the US makes locals taste Gobi Manchurian for free; Watch to see how they reacted

Recently, an Indian restaurant in the US made locals passing by their eatery take a bite of Gobi Manchurian. They offered free samples of the cauliflower-based dish to people and recorded their candid reactions. The video opened by showing the open display of two Indian food items, the Gobi Manchurian and Mango Lassi. The restaurant […]

WATCH: Rashtriya Hindu Parishad Chief smashes TV as BJP fails to cross 400-mark In India General Elections 2024

You might have witnessed the breaking of television sets after cricket matches between India and Pakistan. However, an incident has come to light where the TV set met the same fate after the Lok Sabha Elections result on Tuesday. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA failed to cross the 400-mark. This left a person so […]

WATCH: Boatman in India turns pre-wedding shoot director; teaches poses to couple; video goes viral

Amid the buzz about the pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, a video of a couple in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh recording for their pre-wedding album has gone viral. The video which initially rolled out last year has resurfaced on the Internet. It showed how the couple received impromptu guidance from a boatman. […]

VIRAL: Indian woman gives birth to baby girl inside bus while travelling; video surfaces

A pregnant woman travelling on a government-run bus on May 29 experienced labour pains and reported an emergency. She gave birth to a girl child on the bus, which was travelling from Thrissur to Kozhikode in southern India’s Kerala. The 37-year-old woman received timely assistance by the transport staff, doctors, and locals in delivering the […]

WATCH: Grandma proves age is just a number with energetic moves in viral dance reel

Dancing is fun, isn’t it? And you would agree that it gets a little more thrilling when you do that along with a group as large as a million people. Yes, millions of internet users are grooving to one song that has set a trend on Instagram and made them shake their legs. It is […]

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