WATCH: 6-Yr-Old in New Jersey forced to run on treadmill for being ‘too fat’ by merciless father

In a disturbing and distressing video that has surfaced in connection to an incident that took place three years ago in New Jersey, USA, a merciless father forced his six-year-old son to run on the treadmill at a fitness center “for being too fat”, even as the latter kept falling and hurting himself. The father, as it appeared in the video, also bit the boy in the head when the kid tried to resist running on the machine as it hurt his legs.

Corey Micciolo, 6, died days after the alleged torture. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
Six-year-old Corey Micciolo died days after the alleged torture. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

On Tuesday, it was revealed in the court that the father forced the boy and “punished” him to run on the treadmill so fast because he thought the child was out of shape. The boy died within days of the alleged torture and the gym incident is suspected to have a role in the death. The accused father, identified as Christopher Gregor, 31, stood trial for allegedly killing his son, Corey Micciolo, in 2021.

The video footage was played in the court and the mother of the six-year-old could not hold back her tears while witnessing what her child had to go through days before his death. The trial is taking place in Superior Court in Ocean City and the incident took place at the Atlantic Heights Clubhouse fitness center on March 20, 2021.

The boy died on April 2, 2021, a week and a half after the incident. He was taken to a hospital after he developed issues shortly after the incident. While undergoing CT scan, the boy developed seizure and later died undergoing treatment. Though not confirmed yet, it is suspected that the boy suffered a traumatic injury to the heart 12-24 hours before his death.

The heart-breaking video is hard to watch as the kid faces hostile behaviour from his father. The cruel man pushes the boy and forcefully keeps him on the treadmill even when he didn’t want to be on it as it was causing him immense pain. The helpless boy falls multiple times and yet rushes back to get on the treadmill so as not to make his father angry.

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