London Mayor election: Could Indian-origin candidate Tarun Ghulati pip Sadiq Khan to the post?

Voters in England are electing the Mayor of London today, and Indian-origin independent candidate Tarun Ghulati is hoping to replace incumbent Sadiq Khan. A social media video message shows Ghulati saying that he would “run London like a CEO”, if elected.

London Mayor candidate Tarun Ghulati
London Mayor candidate Tarun Ghulati during his campaign. Photo courtesy: Facebook/Tarun Ghulati

Ghulati, a Delhi-born businessman, has positioned himself as a crimefighting mayor-to-be, among other things, and the recent sword attack in the London suburb of Hainault has given impetus to his campaign.

The PIO candidate said yesterday that the brutal sword attack, which took the life of a 14-year-old boy, had strengthened his resolve that the British capital needed a crimefighter.

Challenging Sadiq Khan against winning a record third term in office, Ghulati said that Londoners had been failed by the main political parties and needed a new dedicated professional to fight their corner in all areas.

The mayoral election comes two days after a 36-year-old man — now in police custody — went on a stabbing rampage in Hainault on Tuesday morning, killing one and injuring four, including two police officers.

“The brutal attack on the streets of my beloved city, in which an innocent little boy lost his life, has only strengthened my resolve that what London needs is a dedicated crimefighting mayor. I am in the race to offer my fellow Londoners that choice tomorrow,” said Ghulati on May 1.

Street safety is among his major electoral priorities, with visible community policing and more officers patrolling on the beat on the agenda. “It is about having enough bobbies on the beat, having the resources for police officers to do their jobs; which means making the streets safe for women to walk at night, with muggers and burglars being caught and punished,” he said.

London Mayor candidate Tarun Ghulati promises to make the streets safer
London Mayor candidate Tarun Ghulati promises to make the streets safer and increase police presence. Screenshot courtesy: Facebook/Tarun Ghulati

The 63-year-old Ghulati is standing as an Independent candidate among 13 contestants in the fray for the local elections today, when Londoners vote for their mayor and also for members of the London Assembly.

He said in his election speech, “I view London as a unique global city, akin to the ‘global bank of the world’ where diverse cultures converge to flourish.

“As Mayor, I will build London’s balance sheet such that it is the premier choice for investment, safeguarding safety and prosperity for all its residents.

“I will transform and run London effectively and efficiently like a seasoned CEO. London will be a profitable corporate where profitability means the well-being of all. You will all be part of the journey. Let’s do it for our London, our home.”