VIRAL: Injured journalist pins down leopard in northern India’s Rajasthan

A local journalist in Rajasthan’s Dungarpur emerged as a hero after he confronted a leopard during a reporting assignment on March 31. The scribe has been identified as Gunwant Kalal.

Leopard representational image. Photo courtesy: Unsplash
Representational image of a leopard. Photo courtesy: Unsplash

The gripping incident took place in Gadiya Bhadar Metwala village, near the Bhadar forest area, where the journalist found himself face-to-face with the big cat.

The encounter ensued when the leopard, in search of a nilgai near a pond behind a local residence, caught the attention of villagers. Alerting the forest department, the community also sought the assistance of journalist Gunwant Kalal, who had arrived to cover the unfolding events.

As the villagers attempted to scare off the leopard with stones, the agitated feline turned its aggression towards Kalal, sinking its teeth into his leg.

However, undeterred by the attack, Kalal courageously defended himself, using his other leg to fend off the predator’s advances. Amidst the skirmish, when the leopard aimed for his hand, Kalal seized the beast by its neck and jaw, overpowering it with sheer determination.

The video of the entire incident has been captured by locals and is now going viral on the Internet.

Moved by Kalal’s bravery, the villagers rallied together, aiding in subduing the leopard by securing it with a rope until the forest officials reached the spot.

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