UAE astronaut shares breathtaking images of Himalayas from space

United Arab Emirates (UAE) astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi left people amazed by sharing some breathtaking images of the Himalayas from space.

An image of the Himalayas as posted by Sultan Al Neyadi on his X platform. Photo Courtesy: Sultan Al Neyadi X page

The astronaut is currently on a six-month space mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

He shared two pictures of the Himalayas on his X platform.

He captioned the images perfectly by writing: "The Himalayas from space."

"Home to the Everest summit, the highest point above sea level on earth, these mountains are one of the iconic landmarks of our planet's rich nature," he wrote.

Sultan Al Neyadi made history when he became the first Arab to complete a spacewalk.

Al Neyadi did his spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) last evening, after spending several weeks on board the ISS.

Al Neyadi, nicknamed ‘Sultan of Space’, was chosen along with Hazzaa Al Mansoori by the UAE Astronaut Programme run by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre; they both underwent extensive training at NASA.

While Al Mansoori became the first Emirati to go into space, and spent eight days on the ISS in September 2019, Al Neyadi made his journey to the ISS in early March 2023, and has a six-month mission at the space station.