South Korea passes bill to end dog meat trade by 2027

South Korea has passed a new law to end the slaughter and selling of dogs for their meat by 2027. The National Assembly passed the special bill on Tuesday (January 9, 2024). The law aims to end the age-old practice of consuming dog meat in the country. The bill, which bans the breeding, butchering, distributing […]

South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-myung stabbed in Busan

South Korea’s opposition leader Lee Jae-myung was attacked with a knife while he was visiting Busan City on Tuesday (January 2, 2024). Lee, chairman of the main opposition Democratic Party, was attacked on the left side of his neck by an unidentified man at 10:27 a.m. during a question and answer session with reporters after […]

Kim Jong-un preps army to ‘thoroughly annihilate’ US, South Korea if provoked

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened the US and South Korea with total annihilation, while asking his army to perfect the military’s readiness posture as he felt that the Korean Peninsula is “inching closer to the brink of armed conflict”. Kim made the remark during a meeting with major commanding officers of the Korean […]

Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun found dead inside car in Seoul

South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, who played the role of Park Dong-ik in the Oscar-winning film Parasite, has been found dead inside his car in the country’s capital Seoul on Wednesday (December 27, 2023). The actor had made the headlines a few months ago for alleged drug use and was under investigation. As per reports, […]

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