UK Indian-origin PM Sunak apologises for ban against LGBT people serving in military

United Kingdom’s Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today said a previous ban on the deployment of LGBT community members in the armed forces was an “appalling failure” of the British state.

Russia blames Ukraine for blast at key bridge linking Crimea to mainland

Even as official Ukrainian sources stated that fighting had intensified in the southern sector near Bakhmut, an explosion hit the bridge connecting Crimea with the mainland before dawn today.

Ukrainian civilians attending survival, military training through virtual reality

With Russia’s war on Ukraine now in its 17th month, the Kyiv City Administration has opened up training for civilians who want to learn survival skills, including how to shoot, provide first aid and recognise land mines.

Putin shows unverified 2022 peace treaty with Ukraine to African delegation

During a meeting with the leaders of the African Union (AU), Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday accused Ukraine of signing a peace treaty with Moscow to end the ongoing war in 2022.

Ukraine claims it has made gains, rescued citizens near Bakhmut in counteroffensive

Ukraine has reported heavy fighting in the eastern warfront of Donetsk and claimed its forces have made gains near the devastated city of Bakhmut, which was captured by Russia last month, but Moscow said Kyiv’s forces had failed to advance anywhere on the front lines.

Donald Trump indictment: Nuclear defence and other secret papers dumped in Florida residence’s bathroom, bedroom, storage

The indictment by the US Department of Justice said that the unauthorised disclosure of classified documents could put at risk the US national security, foreign relations, and military safety.

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