“But in the end, the mountain has the last say,” wrote singer Sushma Soma on Instagram, quoting her husband, Mt Everest summiter Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya, Indian-origin climber from Singapore. The family appears to have accepted that he may never be found.

Decoding dark facts in the search for missing Singaporean-Indian climber Shrinivas Dattatraya

Singaporean-Indian climber Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya’s search and rescue (SAR) efforts are reportedly ongoing, the Change.org signature campaign launched in support has been withdrawn.

How did Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya, missing Indian-origin Everest climber from Singapore, “fall” during his descent?

Award-winning veteran mountaineer Anindya Mukherjee tells CtoI that the family of Shrinivas should demand to know from the expedition company how an Everest climber clipped to a fixed rope could have “fallen” during the descent.

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