“I did it again… just a little faster,” says British Indian army officer about her solo ski expedition to South Pole

Antarctica, the last continent on Earth, has few human footsteps; but of what there is, the ski tracks left by Preet Chandi are very special. Nicknamed “Polar Preet”, the British Army officer of Indian origin recently finished yet another unsupported solo skiing expedition to Antarctica for the year 2023. She announced her success with an […]

British Hindus and British Indians suffer UK media-driven social bias focused on “cows, curry, caste”

A new report titled ‘British media and perception: A survey for British Hindus and British Indians’ has revealed that the Indian-origin community in the United Kingdom suffers from social bias due to various inaccuracies and imbalance in media reporting. The highlight of the survey is that the error-riddled and unbalanced UK media reporting “is contributing […]

PIO-founded EcoSikh is saving the environment around the world, 550 trees at a time

Some people think, some people talk, some people do. It’s the last element — the action — that’s the most important; without it, the first two don’t mean much. In keeping with the Sikh tenet of seva (selfless service), the international organisation EcoSikh works on saving the environment, 550 trees at a time. Using the […]

Indian investors put USD 1.6 billion into Dubai between 2020 and H1 2023, driven by new incentives

Indians are among the top investors in Dubai this year, with USD 335 million put into the business-friendly emirate in the first six months (H1) of this year. This takes the total foreign direct investment (FDI) in Dubai from Indians to USD 1.6 billion between 2020 and H1 2023. These numbers have been published in […]

Digital fraud in Singapore: From deepfakes to fake Domino’s Pizza website, island state is seeing a crime wave

The tiny island nation of Singapore has one of the most tech-forward populations in the world, with nearly 91 per cent Internet penetration till 2022, growing to a projected 94 per cent by 2026. This is good for business, but this is also good for the business of fraud. The country, with a population of […]

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