Nepal: Trans-woman Maya and gay man Surendra become South Asia’s first married LGTBQIA+ couple

Nepal has formally registered the first case of same-sex marriage, making it the first South Asian country to do so. The marriage took place five months after the country’s Supreme Court legalised it.

Everest summiter Shrinivas Dattatraya’s wife Sushma Soma pays tribute to his exploration of Singapore

The search for Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya, who summited Mt Everest but could not make his way down on May 19, has been arguably the most high-profile incident in the 2023 spring climbing season of the Himalayas.

Mt Everest spring climbing season: Sherpa rescued by Sherpa from deep and icy crevasse

The video shows quite a heart-stopping rescue, as the rescuer climbs down, tied to a line, and cuts the ice with a shovel in order to make some room to move, so that the Sherpa in distress can be lifted up.

Nepali Sherpa rescues climber from Mt Everest ‘death zone’

A Nepali Sherpa saved a Malaysian climber who was incapacitated in Mount Everest’s death zone, where temperatures can get to as low as -30°C, a Nepalese government official stated.

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