8,422 orders in a minute? Foodies went hell for leather on NYE 2023

Believe it or not, foodies in India created several records on New Year’s Eve 2023. On the night of December 31, as many as 8,422 orders were placed within a single minute! The orders were placed using food aggregator app Zomato. As per Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal, the said orders were placed at 8:06 pm. […]

With 100,980,615 orders, biryani emerges as India’s favourite dish

A few more days and we’ll officially bid adieu to the year 2023. Like other years, 2023 wasn’t devoid of some special moments. One thing that helps us ring in these moments is food. So, what did 2023 look like in terms of consumption in India? Let’s find out. As per food delivery app Zomato, […]

Scientists find the process which can make your coffee tastier

Adding a squirt of water to coffee beans before grinding reduces static electric charge on the coffee grounds, new University of Oregon research shows. That reduces microscopic clumping of the grounds during brewing, ensuring that water moves through the packed grounds more evenly and thoroughly. “For brew methods like espresso, having consistent flow is a […]

COP28 Summit: UN unveils net-zero food plan to save 1.5-degree goal, combat climate ‘doomism’

As COP28 heads into its final working days in Dubai, the UN’s agriculture wing launched on Sunday (December 10, 2023) a ground-breaking plan that looks to transform the world’s agrifood systems from a net emitter to a carbon sink by 2050. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has identified 10 priority areas – such […]

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