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From Singrauli to Singapore-Incredible journey of Kathak dancer Avinav Mukharji

The journey of young Kathak dancer Arinav Mukharji from the small nondescript Indian town of Singrauli to Singapore can be summarised in one...

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Diaspora for Development: Modi’s global envoy Vijay Chauthaiwale spells out the importance of outreach

In an exclusive interview to Connected to India, the head of BJP’s Foreign Affairs cell, Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale spoke about Prime Minister...

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Business success is an extension of my art: Rajul Mehta

Celebrated artist Rajul Mehta continues her artistic journey along with being a successful business woman with a thriving business venture,...

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Vinayak Lohani, man with a ‘Parivaar’ of 1,800

Meet Vinayak Lohani, an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur and IIM-Calcutta, who has set up a humanitarian institution christened Parivaar for the...

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SKA has evolved to include other communities in Singapore to share Sikh heritage: Mohinder Singh

Mohinder Singh, president of the Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA), said it is part of the association’s “effort to embrace diversity,...

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Language holds the common root of humanity: Dr. Vimlesh Kanti Verma

A thought leader in the area of Hindi language teaching and Hindi in the diaspora, Dr. Vimlesh Kanti Verma led the movement to embrace a...

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Cancer ‘thriver’ Vijay Bhat shares his life’s work in promoting holistic healing for those impacted by the disease

Former advertising executive Vijay Bhat, a ‘cancer thriver’, today offers cancer coaching to those suffering from the disease and their...

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Meet Piyush Gupta, digital banking champion

An astute business leader Piyush Gupta, CEO and Director, DBS Group was one of the first banking sector honchos to usher a forceful,...

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Indian residential property sector on the cusp of a sea-change: Anuj Puri

Anuj Puri, a 27-year veteran of the Indian real estate sector and a globally recognised expert on the property market, highlights the impact...

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Need to improve Infrastructure is one of the key priorities for India: Gautam Banerjee

The former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) will be the chair of an Infrastructure Roundtable discussions at the ASEAN India Pravasi...

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GICC: Connecting Indian diaspora through culture

Our culture is an assimilating factor that keeps the Indian diaspora connected with its roots. Global Indian Cultural Centre (GICC) was...


Dr Snehal Patel: Providing health services at a click of a button!

Non-Resident Indians are living across the whole world and they are earning laurels, not only for their country of residence but also India....

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Choosing the right partners and projects will determine your success in India: Amit Sinha of DBS

As the first Singapore bank to establish a presence in India in 1984, DBS is well placed to talk about the opportunities and the challenges...

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Singapore is more important to India than even China: IIFT Director Prof Manoj Pant

“ASEAN has very close cultural ties with India, especially the North East region. The government’s priority should be to make the...

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India's reformist initiatives have led to the creation of opportunities for foreign investors: Ajay K Sanganeria

Given his extensive experience in dealing with authorities and resolving tax issues, it is no surprise that Ajay K Sanganeria, a Tax Partner...

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Don't skimp on asking for advice, counsels Chandra Mohan Rethnam

Chandra Mohan Rethnam will be speaking at a special conference organised by Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)...

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India needs to address slow legal system: Pavani Reddy – Managing Partner of Zaiwalla & Co

Taking up the law at a time when it was not preferred for women in India, Pavani Reddy went to UK and soon after earning her degree, started...

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A leader is a good friend with wisdom, sincerity and a willingness to work: SCC President Sher Baljit Singh

When Sher Baljit Singh first joined the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) in 2003 to play tennis, he never imagined that he would one day become...

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Ravi Udyawar: The man behind MOM’s emotional onscreen journey

Ravi Udyawar, whose Bollywood debut Mom is running successfully in theatres, says his movie is an emotional drama about the bond which stays...

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Every entrepreneur should be prepared to fail before he or she succeeds: Rammohan Sundaram

The prowess of non-resident Indians (NRIs) is being seen across the world and they have become leading figures in different fields. Here, we...

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Revisit Yantra for the Hemant Oberoi touch

Brave-heart chef who galvanised his team to provide shelter and food to the guests who were trapped in Taj Mumbai during the 26/11 terrorist...

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Director of 'Hindi Medium' talks to us in english medium

Recently released Indian comedy-drama Indian Medium, directed by Saket Choudhary, was in the limelight because of its satirical approach to...

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Punjabi by nature: Myra's Chetan Kapoor

Chetan Kapoor, the Punjabi founder of restaurant chain Myra’s, now runs six outlets across Singapore and neigbouring Malaysia with 54...

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Bringing healthcare to your pocket: Holmusk CEO Nawal Roy

Nawal Roy, founder and Chief Executive Officer of digital health and analytics start-up Holmusk, shares his views on chronic diseases in the...

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Does real estate in India continue to attract you as an investment opportunity?

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  • Average - depends on the project
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