Soil is not just a resource; it is our source: Sadhguru

Indian yogi, mystic and visionary Sadhguru is a man on a mission. The Padma Vibhushan awardee is currently on a 100-day 30,000km motorcycle journey spanning 27 nations in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East to raise citizen awareness across countries and urge administrations about soil conservation.

Conscious Planet: Save Soil is a global movement geared towards saving our soil and planet. The aim is to demonstrate the support of over 3.5 billion people (more than 60% of the world’s voting population) around the world and empower governments to initiate policy-driven action to revitalise soil and halt further degradation. 

World leaders, influencers, artists, experts, farmers, spiritual leaders, NGOs and citizens are vocally supporting the movement to re-establish humanity’s relationship with soil.

The 54-member Commonwealth has already pledged support for the campaign, which was kicked off in India by the Chief Minister of Sadhguru’s home state Karnataka.

Sadhguru's bike journey for #SaveSoil, which began on March 21 in London, UK, passed through the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland before entering France and Belgium. 

“Our most critical responsibility as a generation is to address soil extinction as a single-point agenda. Only with such committed and concerted effort can change manifest in the world,” he said.

Patrizia Heidegger, Director for Global Policies and Sustainability at European Environmental Bureau, joined Sadhguru in Brussels at an event to discuss the #SaveSoil movement. Catch Connected to India’s coverage of the event below:

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