Smart metering proposals for Singapore

Smart Metre

There is good news for the people of Singapore as they can keep a tab on the consumption patterns of electricity, water and gas thanks to the effort of Energy Market Authority ( EMA). It has invited proposals to develop technical solutions for a smart metering trial. This trial is aimed at enabling electricity, gas and water meters to be read remotely, and providing more timely usage data to consumers to help them better manage their utility consumption.

Currently, most of the electricity meters in Singapore are cumulative meters. They are read once every two months manually, together with gas and water meters. The proposal invites interested parties to develop and trial smart solutions for remotely reading all three meters reliably and cost-effectively.

The trial also includes the development of a mobile application to provide consumers with timely and useful information on their electricity, water and gas consumption through their personal mobile devices such as handphones and tablets. This will enhance consumers’ awareness of their consumption patterns.

Chief Executive of EMA Ng Wai Choong said “Through the provision of more timely usage information, we hope to empower consumers to better manage their energy and water consumption, and reduce their utility bills. This builds on our recent effort to improve the design of utilities bill to enable consumers to compare their utility usage with those in their neighbourhood.”

“We look forward to the outcome of this pioneering trial which aims to develop a common platform to enable automated meter reading for electricity, gas and water in Singapore. Such technologies will enable us to give our customers timely consumption data and alerts to better monitor their usage and more importantly, remind them to conserve and use water wisely,” said PUB Director for Water Supply Network  Michael Toh.

Singapore Power's Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Wong Kim Yin, added, “This trial builds on the smart electricity metering system we are deploying island-wide, to help consumers save energy and cost. The next-generation solutions will complement initiatives like the redesigned utilities bill and our public education programmes to encourage everyone to make energy-saving a way of life.”

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