Singaporeans give thumbs up to designated smoking points

Designated smoking points in Singapore have evoked positive response from the locals, these smoking points have been constructed for creating the country a smoke-free estate.

 Nee Soon South area, Singapore, designated smoking points
Nee Soon South area in Singapore will have about 50 smoking points. Photo courtesy:

Nee Soon South in Singapore will become the first constituency to have all its public housing blocks within reach of a designated smoking point. Some 50 smoking points — roughly one every three blocks — will dot the constituency.

While launching the redesigned smoking points, Lee Bee Wah, Member of Parliament for the area said, “These designated smoking points are a win-win situation for residents. Non-smokers have said the amount of secondary smoke had gone down, while smokers have cooperated. The amount of litter caused by smoking has also reduced significantly.”

Lee said there was a positive feedback from grassroots leaders, so they decided to roll out more of them. She added that at the busiest smoking point, around 200 cigarette butts could be collected in a day.

In the latest design of smoking points, the 3m-by-3m area has sturdier structure, brighter interior, angled benches and a zinc roof to shelter smokers from the elements. The new design has been fabricated by three engineering undergraduates of National University of Singapore.

The smoking point has sturdier structure, brighter interior and angled benches for smokers. Photo courtesy:

The 50 smoking points cost S$500,000 to build and were funded by donations from 27 individuals and private companies.

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On whether the smoking corners would encourage smoking, Lee stressed that “smoking is a personal choice”.

“If the smokers wish to quit, we have a community point at our wellness centre to help and guide them to quit smoking. If they wish to continue to smoke, that’s their choice, and we urge them to make use of the designated smoking points,” she said.

While there are no penalties for not using the smoking points, those caught smoking along covered walkways and pedestrian bridges may be liable for a fine of up to S$1,000 under current laws.