Singapore Food Agency seizes 2 tonnes of illegally imported food, alcohol, and medicines

Singapore News: The Food Agency (SFA) has seized about 2.2 tonnes of illegally imported food coming into the country from Vietnam, it said in a press release yesterday. The Agency found the illegal goods following a raid at an old industrial building in Senoko on Thursday.

Illegally imported food, including raw meat and seafood, was found by SFA in an old warehouse. Picture courtesy: SFA

The food seized was large quantities of processed and raw meat and seafood, including frozen pork, beef, chicken, fish and frog. The press release said that all of that “had been illegally imported from unapproved sources and without a valid licence”.

Describing the raid, the SFA said: “A female permanent resident was also found operating the warehouse, part of which was also used as an unlicensed cold store with 7 chest freezers and 2 chillers.”

During the raid, the SFA officers found 470 bottles of alcohol, and an assortment of medicines, which were sent to Singapore Customs and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), respectively.

SFA officers make a note of the illegal food items. Picture courtesy: SFA

Outlining the rules on the import of consumables, SFA said: “In Singapore, food imports must meet SFA’s requirements. Food can only be imported by licensed importers, and every consignment must be declared and accompanied with a valid import permit. In addition, meat and its products can only be imported from accredited sources in approved countries that comply with Singapore’s food safety requirements.

“Offenders found in possession of meat and seafood products for the purpose of selling, which were imported without a valid import permit shall be liable on conviction to a fine of not exceeding SGD50,000 and/or imprisonment of up to two years. In the case of a subsequent conviction, offenders shall be liable to a fine not exceeding SGD100,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three years.”

The Agency urged members of the public to come forward with information, if any, on such illegal activities, and inform “via our online feedback form ( with details for our follow-up investigations. All information will be kept strictly confidential.”