Singapore born giant panda cub adventures in Jungle Gym

Singapore-born giant panda cub Le Le, born on August 14, 2021, is learning new things every day in his Jungle Gym at River Wonders. 

Le Le Panda Cub
Le Le looks adorable playing in his cosy home. Photo courtesy: Mandai Wildlife Group


Le Le is hard at work perfecting his climbing skills so he can be ready to meet guests in the exhibit with mom Jia Jia in the near future.

Le Le panda cub in Singapore
Le Le is perfecting his climbing skills. Photo courtesy: Mandai Wildlife Group

The jungle gym is designed strategically for providing an opportunity to hone Le Le's climbing prowess and build up his strength at the same time. His care team also provides him with various enrichment toys to further expose him to different shapes and textures.

Jungle gym for panda cub at River Wonders, Singapore
Le Le Jungle Gym was designed strategically. Photo courtesy: Mandai Wildlife Group

River wonder's littlest giant panda strikes a cheeky pose as he pauses for a rest during his jungle gym session- the pose is reminiscent of father Kai Kai who is often seen lounging in the tree in his exhibit. 

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