Rockstar Guru followers set new Guinness World Record with symphony of candle lights

Record number of 72,825 candles placed on the mammoth rectangular cake being put out with Carbon-di-oxide fire extinguishers. Photo courtesy:

Followers of Indian spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy lit 72,585 candles on the occasion of the ‘Rockstar’ guru’s 75th birth anniversary  creating a new Guinness world record for most candles on a birthday cake. The followers of the Guru created this record at New York in US.

Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, better known as Sri Chinmoy, taught meditation in the West. He continues to have a massive following in the United States. Music legends Carlos Santana and John Mc Laughlin were Guru’s favourite disciples who created the album ‘Love, Devotion and Surrender’ based on his spiritual teachings.

The sponge cake was filled with vanilla mousse.Photo courtesy:

Event was organised at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York where a team of 100 people worked together to bake and decorate the cake, individually place each candle and then light them with 60 blowtorches.

Candles burned for about 40 seconds, ensuring that the previous record went up in flames.

The sponge cake was filled with vanilla mousse and was 80.5-feet-long and two-foot-wide.

There were far too many candles for anyone to blow out in the traditional manner, so the candles were put out with carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to ensure that the dessert was still edible afterwards.

The wax was then scraped off and the party tucked into the enormous cake.

The previous record for the most lit candles on a cake was achieved by Mike’s Hard Lemonade in Los Angeles, California in April, with a total of 50,151 candles.