Physical Activity & Healthy Food for a Stronger Singapore, recommends NurtureSG

Physical activity and healthy food can play a useful role in making stronger Singapore. Photo courtesy: Pris Chew

For setting a strong foundation for the health of Singaporeans and the future of Singapore, Nurture SG Taskforce was  formed with the active role of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. Increasing physical activities in schools and having healthy food options have emerged as key measures.

Minister of State for Health Dr. Lam Pin Min and Minister of State for Education Janil Puthucheary are leading the Taskforce for making plans for a healthier Singapore.

The taskforce has made a comprehensive study and conducted public consultation exercise. They interacted with about 900 people through focus group discussions, online and face-to- face surveys, as well as a Facebook chat. Participants included parents, students, teachers and caregivers. The interaction took place between  April to June 2016.

NurtureSG Taskforce is looking into ways to enhance physical activity levels among children and youth. Photo

Stressing for more physical activity, Dr. Lam observed “Among primary, secondary and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students, only 10 per cent engage in physical activity of 60 minutes or more per day. The figure is double for polytechnic students, but there is a lot of room for improvement.”

Dr Lam also said the taskforce is looking into ways to enhance physical activity levels in pre-schools through to institutions of higher learning. It will submit its complete set of recommendations next year.

ITE, polytechnic and university students wanted healthier food options in their schools to be more accessible and affordable, while some primary, secondary school and pre-university students said they tend to eat less healthily out of school, as healthier options were not readily available or affordable.

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