NDP 2017 Show: 300 unmanned drones to fly over Marina Bay as Singapore makes tryst with 52nd birthday

The National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 show is going to be a spectacular event as over 300 unmanned drones will take to the sky over the Marina Bay for the first time as Singapore gears up to celebrate 52 years of nationhood. Over 3,000 committed performers from 13 different show partners as well as 38 artistes will perform at this hugely anticipated event.

NDP Show 2017
Unmanned drones will take to the sky over the Marina Bay during the NDP Show, 2017. Photo courtesy: NDP

“For the first time in NDP, 300 unmanned drones will take to the skies over the Marina Bay to perform the largest unmanned drones display in Southeast Asia. Against the spectacular Marina Bay skyline, the drone performance seeks to inspire Singaporeans to imagine the immense opportunities that our future brings,” said the release issued by NDP today.


Spread over six chapters, the show will feature the collective strength and determination of Singaporeans, in line with the NDP theme #OneNationTogether.

Speaking about the show, Colonel Tan Tiong Keat, chairman of the NDP show committee, said, “We’re not going to take Singaporeans back to 1819 or 1965. Instead, we’ll do what we do in a typical birthday celebration: We gather with our friends and families in a cosy setting to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and inspire and look forward to the future.”

Several new features have been added to enhance the visual appeal of the NDP Show
Several new features have been added to enhance the visual appeal of the NDP Show. Photo courtesy: NDP

The range of the performers can be gauged from the fact that it includes four-year old, Shaista Eman to the oldest performer, 81-year old guitarist Mary Ho, affectionately known by many as Grandma Mary.

The release said, “The show segment comprises six Acts which represent different issues close to our hearts, rallying families and friends to come together as we reflect on our immediate past, celebrate our present and look forward to the future.”

  1. Act 1 – Living Together emphasises that every individual plays a role in shaping the physical environment where we live, work and play.
  2. Act 2 – Growing Together illustrates that beyond our physical homes, the heart of our nation lies in our families, which give us the strength to overcome the odds and progress in life.
  3. Act 3 – Thriving Together acknowledges the need to adapt and learn new skills to overcome our economic challenges.
  4. Act 4 – Celebrating Together celebrates the unity and diversity of our multiracial society.
  5. Act 5 – Progressing Together charts our journey forward as a compassionate society that continues to adapt and innovate.
  6. Act 6 – #OneNationTogether celebrates the successes of Singaporeans and confidently looks forward to the future, where we will continue to break new grounds and scale new heights.

There are three new groups debuting in NDP this year: The Purple Symphony, an all-inclusive orchestra made up of people with and without special needs; A2 Movements, a Parkour group; and the Joyriders, a recreational cyclist group.

This year’s show also includes moments designed to engage and interact with audiences. In Act 1 – Living Together, audience will be encouraged to join  in performing a simple clap choreography that symbolises the collective effort required to address the threat of mosquitoes. In Act 4 – Celebrating Together, audience will be invited to join and raise their bottles in a hearty toast to the nation.

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This year, several new features have been added to enhance the visual appeal of the NDP Show. For the first time at a parade at The Float @ Marina Bay, an aerial system has been integrated into the stage design to elevate performers and props 20 metres above ground. This aerial system allows for better utilisation of the performance space above the stage for a visually-captivating experience for audiences.