Most linked cases in community transmitted through households: Lawrence Wong

Vast majority of the linked COVID-19 infections in the local community were transmitted through households, said Minister Lawrence Wong, who co-chairs the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on COVID-19.

"That is not surprising because we now know that the nature of the virus is such that it spreads very quickly with close contacts," he added, speaking at a press conference on July 7.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Lawrence Wong
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Lawrence Wong

Wong noted that unlike the situation before the circuit breaker was imposed, very few cases of COVID-19 transmissions in the community happened at social gatherings. He attributed the observation to the tight restrictions that have been put in place on social interactions.

Urging the public not to take this for granted, Wong said, "Many of us certainly would like to see these restrictions being relaxed over time so that we can engage in more activities. But if we want to do that, then all of us, again, need to be responsible, be vigilant, and do our part to avoid infections from picking up in these social settings."

Currently, transmissions outside households have been taking place at workplaces. 

"(This) is one area where all of us can do our part to reduce the risk of transmission further. Businesses, companies and employers all have to step up their safe management practices at work in order to further reduce the risk of transmission at workplaces."