Indians now travelling to the US can inquire, rack up current consular details

Indians who wish to visit the United States can now inquire about travel rules and also garner updates and information from Consular officers on the current consular services.

The US Embassy shared on Twitter, “We are committed to facilitate legitimate travel to the U.S. and take your inquiries and concerns seriously. Here are some of our Consular officers providing updates and information on current consular services. Have a safe 2022!"

Indians travelling to the USA
Consular officers provide updates and information on the current consular services. Photo: Connected to India

Meanwhile, an international coalition of travel-related organizations called on the US government Wednesday to stop requiring vaccinated passengers to present a negative Covid test before boarding US-bound flights, reported.

"Travel and aviation's recovery is dependent on the government taking steps to remove travel restrictions that are no longer justified by current circumstances," the group argued in a letter addressed to White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients.

Among the 29 signatories were the main advocacy organizations representing Asian, European and US airlines, as well as the US Chamber of Commerce and the US Travel Association.

The leader of the group, Airlines for America — which represents major US carriers including American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines — posted the letter to its website. The three companies recently noted that the Omicron variant would delay their recovery by one to two months.

"Clearly Covid is widespread throughout the US and attempts to control its importation via air travel under today's circumstances are unlikely to change that fact," they argued in the letter.