Grounded! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau unable to leave India long after G20 handshakes are over

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stayed on in India after all the other G20 attendee heads of state and dignitaries have left. By all reports, Trudeau is not leaving anytime before this afternoon, and that is not because he is off to see the Taj Mahal after admiring Bharat Mandap, the G20 venue.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with World Bank Group President Ajay Banga at the G20 Summit in New Delhi. Photo courtesy: X/JustinTrudeau

The Canadian PM’s plane developed technical problems and is parked at the international airport in New Delhi. According to reports published this morning, a backup plane for Trudeau is on its way from Canada to India, along with spare parts for the plane that is now grounded.

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The visiting prime minister will either fly to Canada on the backup plane, or take the original plane on which he arrived, if it can be repaired fast. Given the distance between India and Canada, the backup plane and the spare parts will take a while to get here.

A statement from Justin Trudeau’s office in Canada said that going by the updates sent by the prime minister’s delegation, “an earliest possible departure of Tuesday late afternoon” was indicated. “The situation remains fluid,” said the statement.

According to Canada’s Department of National Defence, the first plane requires the replacement of a component, which is now being flown in to India. The technical problem was detected on Sunday, when Trudeau and his delegation were ready to leave after the G20 Summit.