Absolutely believe that it was a success, says US on G20 Summit in New Delhi

The United States on Monday described the G20 Summit in New Delhi, which was held under India's presidency, as an 'absolute success'.

The US describes the recently concluded G20 Summit in New Delhi as an 'absolute success'.Photo Courtesy: PIB

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters: "We absolutely believe that it was a success."

The Delhi Declaration avoided direct mentioning of "Russia" in reference to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Reacting to this issue, the US official said: "G20 is a big organisation. Russia is a member of the G20; China is a member of the G20."

"There are members that have a diverse range of views. We believe the fact that that organisation was able to issue a statement that calls for respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty and saying that those principles should not be violated, is an extremely important statement, because that is exactly what is at heart of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine," he said.

India hosted the crucial G20 Summit in New Delhi over the weekend.

Top world leaders, including US President Joe Biden and British PM Rishi Sunak, attended the global geopolitical event.