Google creates ‘chemistry’ themed Doodle to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Google celebrates Valentine's Day with Doodle
Google creates special Doodle to mark Valentine’s Day. Photo Courtesy: Google Doodle Screengrab

A perfect love story needs well-matched chemistry and a strong bond between the duo and this theme has been perfectly used by popular search engine Google to create an interactive ‘chemistry’ themed Doodle on February 14th to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Users can access the Doodle by visiting the homepage of the search engine.

Describing the doodle, the official website of Google Doodle said: “Love is in the O2, so let’s play some Chemistry CuPd! Choose an avatar from the periodic table or take a quiz to get matched to the one that best fits your personality. Then it’s time to start swiping through profiles of various elements to make bonds! Each element is very different so be sure to read their profiles so you know when to swipe right.”

“There’s no stronger bond than love, especially when the chemistry is just right,” read the website.

Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air

The Cupid has returned on the true red lettered day on the calender as lovers across the globe are celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday.

As the new year begins, Valentine’s Day is awaited with baited breaths by the lovers. A week-long celebration takes place, eventually leading up to Valentine’s Day.

The week-long celebrations include Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Teddy Bear, Promise, Hug and Kiss Days.

The young generation flood into the malls, coffee shops, parks and movie theaters in pairs, in order to celebrate the entire week as a week of love. There’s also a tradition of gift-giving on Valentine’s Day. Roses, Chocolates, Cards, Teddy Bears and Jewelry are among the things that are mostly seen as Valentine’s gifts.