Doctors remove 60 live worms from woman’s eyes in China

Doctors in China’s Kunming were left shocked by an unusual case presented by a woman. As many as 60 live worms were removed from her eyes, as per reports.

The said woman approached a hospital after her eyes turned itchy, only to learn that she had contracted a worm infection. Medical experts at the facility were stunned to come across the unusual case after they discovered worms crawling in the space between her eyelids and eyeballs.

Doctors react

Dr. Guan, who carried out the procedure to remove the worms from her eyes, informed the media that about sixty parasites being present in her eyes, made it a rare case.

He and his team reported that the patient suffered from itchy peepers as she was infected by roundworms. It is believed that she might have caught the infection from animals around her.

On this premise, doctors asked her to maintain good hygiene, especially after interacting with pets.

It is said that one of the parasitic worms fell out to shock her while she tried to ease the itchy sensation in her eyes. The worms are normally passed through fly bites, according to reports.

Similar incidents

In a similar incident reported in 2020, a 60-year-old Chinese woman found twenty live worms living inside her eyelid before they were removed via a surgical procedure. Meanwhile, in another case of a similar nature from the nation, an infant was reported to have been suffering from the same condition. In his case, around eleven wriggling worms were pulled out.