DBS evacuates employees from MBFC after confirmation of coronavirus case

Photo courtesy: dbs.com
Photo courtesy: dbs.com

DBS has confirmed the evacuation of its employees from Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 on Wednesday, February 12, after one person was confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus.

As per a statement issued by the bank, the employee was tested on February 11 and the bank was informed of the confirmation this morning. The bank further added that they were providing the employee and his family with "every support and guidance".

DBS said that they are conducting detailed contact tracing with all employees and other parties that the infected employee may have come into contact with. Additionally, the affected office space, as well as common areas such as lifts and toilets, are being deep cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

The bank has also announced that with effect from next week, all employees will receive a personal hygiene and protection Care Pack which includes masks, a thermometer, hand sanitiser and vitamin C. This will be in addition to the medical helpline and complimentary services to virtual doctors that are already in place. DBS is also preparing webinars for medical health professionals to update their employees on the latest developments on COVID-19 and answer any medical-related concerns that they might have.

DBS has stated that they have activated business continuity plans, with employees working from home or from split sites, to ensure minimal disruption to operations. 

In accordance with Singapore's Orange DORSCON level, other measures that have been put in place include: 

  • Temperature screening at all DBS office buildings
  • Higher frequency in the cleaning and disinfection of DBS premises
  • Making available hand sanitisers on every floor of DBS premises
  • Requiring visitors to sign a health and travel history declaration forms prior to entering DBS premises
  • Providing face masks to all front-line staff

Singapore currently has 47 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.