Chef Manish Mehrotra to introduce India’s award–winning restaurant Indian Accent to Singapore

“Singapore is one city I would love to have an Indian Accent branch in,” said Chef Manish Mehrotra, speaking to Connected to India.

Singapore–based culinary residency programme Mandala Masters is set to host a two-week pop-up event sponsored by Singapore-based single family office Amaya Ventures with Indian Accent, the multi-award-winning restaurant from New Delhi.

In an exclusive interview, Chef Manish Mehrotra, Culinary Director, Indian Accent, talked about how the Indian diaspora had brought Indian cuisine to the world and how the great varieties and regional cuisines had become more widespread globally over the past decade.

Indian Accent has garnered international acclaim for its cutting edge take on Indian cuisine. It was recently ranked the 19th best restaurant on Asia’s 50 Best List 2023, and has received numerous awards and distinctions for its innovative homage to Indian cuisine. 

Chef Manish is one of the nation’s kitchen icons and highlights the depths and complexity of Indian food through his recipes and dishes. And he is all set to bring his innovative and original menu to the Lion City.

Restaurateur Rohit Khattar, Founder & Chairman, EHV International said, “The great food city of Singapore has been high on our radar, and we are keenly looking for a permanent abode for not only Indian Accent, but our other restaurant brands too. This residency gives us a great opportunity to showcase our inventive take on Indian flavours.”

The idea for the upcoming event originated from Amit Khanna, the director of Amaya Ventures and a passionate regular at Indian Accent, after he had moved to Singapore. He contacted Khattar and asked if they were opening a branch in Singapore and suggested that EHV International could test the waters with a pop-up event. 

Here is our exclusive interview with Chef Manish, where he talks about the upcoming series, the diaspora’s role in spreading Indian cuisine and his journey as a chef, among other issues.

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