Celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday with riveting specials at Raffles

In celebration of Singapore’s 57th birthday, Raffles Hotel Singapore presented an assemblage of culinary specials, luxurious gifts, and pampering experiences at Raffles Hotel Singapore and Raffles Arcade from August 1 – 31, 2022.

Exclusive celebratory National Day specials were on the menu this August. Toast to a weekend of fun with tantalising cocktail creations at Long Bar and Raffles Courtyard, unwind with extravagant treatments at the luxurious Raffles Spa, and find repose in the majestic suites of Raffles Hotel Singapore.

An array of enticing offers also await at Raffles Arcade, from Raffles Boutique and well-loved brands it houses, including lavish home decor pieces from LuxeRoom, silken sleepwear from Bells & Birds, and aromatic artisanal coffee from Singapore Coffee.

Make Treasured Memories with National Day Offers

The Great Suite Stay: To Singapore, With Love

Savoir Beds at Raffles Hotel Singapore.
Savoir Beds at Raffles Hotel Singapore. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Treat yourself and loved ones to a respite for the senses with an exclusive National Day staycation package as you bask in bliss at the unparalleled comfort of the majestic suites and amenities of Raffles Hotel Singapore.

Begin your stay with a taste of the iconic Singapore Sling cocktail from the comfort of your suite or the legendary Long Bar where the drink was first created. Marvel at the storied and enduring history of the heritage hotel comes as it comes to live with a complimentary History Tour with our Resident Historian. Top off the stay with gastronomic experiences from our award-winning chefs, additional retail and relaxation offerings at Raffles Spa, Raffles Boutique, and Floral Boutique.

Signature Spa Treatments from Raffles Spa

Raffles Spa
Raffles Spa. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Luxuriate in an opulent and peaceful escapade at Raffles Spa, as you immerse in invigorating body treatments to refresh your senses, soul, and mind.

Make a Toast with Celebratory Cocktail Creations

Delight in a tipple or two during the long-awaited National Day weekend featuring an exciting line-up of locally inspired creations available exclusively from 1 – 31 August 2022.

A Quartet of Celebratory Cocktails at Long Bar

Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Singapore.
Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Singapore. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Relish in a specially curated selection of National Day cocktails at Long Bar including two inventive rum-based creations Danker Sling, a tropical amalgamation of milk, pineapple, Cocchi Grappa, grapefruit, and zesty lemon, as well as Jonathan’s Collins, a botanical masterpiece derived from Dry Curacao, melded with a tart infusion of lychee, lemon, and floral notes of hibiscus.

Two other ingenious gin delights await including My Island Home, a refreshing concoction of sour plum, citrusy calamansi, and peppery basil, and the 1965 Sling, a fruity sensation laced with cherry liqueur, Dry Curacao, topped with a slice of juicy pineapple.

A Trio of Truly Singaporean Cocktails at Raffles Courtyard

Raffles Courtyard.
Raffles Courtyard. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Indulge in a trio of National Day cocktail creations crafted by the lushly landscaped alfresco bar at Raffles Courtyard. The exclusive line-up introduces Singapore Lion, featuring full-fledged micro-distillery Brass Lion Distillery’s gin paired perfectly with local flavours; spiced mix of ginger curry syrup, citrusy lemon, and topped with ginger ale and fragrant curry leaves. A clever bourbon-based rendition of local specialty, Teh Tarik 57th, is also available accompanied with almond notes from Amaretto, and Vinod’s Troop, a sweet medley of white rum, apricot brandy, comforted with a bittersweet mix of peach, pineapple mint, and honey.

Delight in Exclusive Retail Specials at Raffles Arcade

Relish in inimitable National Day offerings and retail experiences set amidst the elegant assortment of artisan and luxury brands housed within the iconic Raffles Arcade for the entire month of August.

Collectibles at Raffles Boutique

Raffles Boutique.
Raffles Boutique. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Delight in a delicate curation of offerings that have a connection to Raffles Hotel Singapore, from treasured mementos, books, home decorations, to gourmet products. With a plethora of options available, the perfect gift for loved ones is bound to be found at Raffles Boutique. This August, receive a S$10 voucher off your next purchase at Raffles Boutique with a minimum of S$57 spent.

Choose from an array of scented soy candle collections crafted exclusively for Raffles Hotel Singapore by Nine Wicker Ave, or take home a taste of local breakfast delights with the well-loved Raffles Signature Kaya Jam, paired perfectly with 1872 Clipper Tea Co. for Raffles Singapore.

Palatial LuxeRoom Home Décor

Luxury Room Lacoste bath towels
Luxury Room Lacoste bath towels. Photo courtesy: Raffles

LuxeRoom’s carefully curated pieces for the lavish haven originate from all over the globe, ranging from exquisitely designed bed linens, towels, bathroom accessories, and home décor.

This August, enjoy special offers and discover an elevated level of bedroom luxury with 57% off plush absorbent Kenzo beach towels, finished with an iconic new tiger print. Available at 57% off the second piece is artistically designed Iosis cushion covers, a French brand that is recognised for its intricately embroidered woven cushions, as well as Lacoste’s lush range of towels that perfectly encapsulates a sporty aesthetic.  Made with 100% cotton, the extra-large bath towel is a guaranteed comforting, warm hug as you step out of bath.

Luxury Mattress Toppers by Savoir Beds

Luxury Room Losis cushion covers.
Luxury Room Losis cushion covers. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Indulge yourself in the perfect sleep with bespoke bed-maker Savoir Beds. With every purchase of one mattress, enjoy 57% off Savoir Beds’ sumptuous Horsehair & Wool Topper in the similar size. Made from the finest natural materials in the UK, delight in the ultimate comfort and a decadent finishing touch for your bed.  

Bespoke Silkwear at Bells & Birds

Silkwear at Bells & Birds.
Silkwear at Bells & Birds. Photo courtesy: Raffles

Bells & Birds’ signature lace and silk bespoke pieces are a true testament to personal indulgence, with all creations custom-made in Singapore.

Capture Treasured Memories with Leica

Leica M11 Silver camera.
Leica M11 Silver camera. Photo courtesy: Raffles

The legendary status of the premium Leica camera brand is founded on a long tradition of excellence and can be enjoyed at Leica Galerie Singapore and Café Leitz Singapore, both of which proudly call Raffles Hotel Singapore their home.

Asia’s Finest Blend at Singapore Coffee

Singapore coffee with Pandan Kaya Signature Roll.
Singapore coffee with Pandan Kaya Signature Roll. Photo courtesy: Raffles

For coffee aficionados, a cup of hot coffee at Singapore Coffee is like no other with specialised sourcing and blending the finest coffee beans that have been sustainably cultivated and harvested by artisanal farmers within the region.

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