BRICS Summit: PM Modi inspires South African Prez with respect towards Indian tricolour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi noticed the Indian flag on the ground as he was getting on the stage for a BRICS group photo on Wednesday with the other leaders. He immediately picked up the tricolour and kept it in his pocket so that no one stepped on it.

PM Modi picks up the tricolour on the stage and keeps it in his pocket. Photo courtesy: YouTube grab

His respect towards the national flag inspired South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to do the same.

Though the 70-year-old had already stepped on his country’s flag, he immediately picked it up noticing PM Modi’s act. He then handed over to a person, apparently an event marshal, and also indicated to PM Modi to do the same. However, Modi politely refused to hand over the tricolour and kept it with himself.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa follows PM Modi and picks up the flag of his nation on the stage. Photo courtesy: YouTube grab

PM and other BRICS leaders had arrived at the Sandton Convention Centre to attend the plenary session of the summit.

Ahead of the session, the leaders stood together for the BRICS group photo.

Each leader’s position was marked with their respective country’s flag. However, instead of just continuing with the photo ceremony, Modi picked up the tricolour from the floor.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in South Africa’s Johannesburg on Tuesday to attend the BRICS Summit.

This year's BRICS, a grouping of the world economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is under the presidency of South Africa.

The theme of this year's summit is: "BRICS and Africa: Partnership for mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development and inclusive multilateralism."