Bhumi Pranam: musical tribute to Mother Earth at Kalaa Utsavam 2021

In a poetic sense, nature seems to be striking back and mankind finds itself in a situation where the world came to a grinding halt last year. 

Raging wildfires, extreme climate changes, rising sea levels are among reminders by Mother Earth to not take her bounties for granted. 

Keeping this in mind, Singapore’s Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) has created a musical tribute mixing Indian classical traditions and various musical styles to pay a tribute to Mother Earth in Bhumi Pranam for Kalaa Utsavam this year.

“We have stopped paying attention to the beautiful sounds of nature. We do not listen anymore.” says, Nawaz Mirajkar, Artistic Director, Composer, and Tabla Player who has been associated with TFA for many years and has created this beautiful seven-part composition with another local musician Renu Suresh. 

Creative Director, Co-Composer and Pianist Renu Suresh reminds, “We have inherited this planet and have to leave it a better place for the generations to come.” 

In a Connected to India Spotlight, hear what the two musicians and other artists had to say about what audiences in Singapore have in store in Bhumi Pranam at Kalaa Utsavam 2021. Incidentally the 20th edition of the leading festival of Indian arts in the region. 

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