American Independence Day: Celebrations among NRIs, diaspora

July 4, the American Independence Day, was celebrated in the US with grills blazing, fireworks bursting, parades and readings of the Declaration of Independence.

It is a time for the country to pay tribute to the bold steps it took to leave the British Empire and to honour and recognise the men and women who have helped keep the country independent all these years.

Not only Americans, Indian-Americans, Non-resident Indians (NRIs) also celebrate the date by visiting family and friends. They enjoy the long weekend by eating out, camping and watching fireworks which are held across the country.

Dr Tausif Malik - treasurer for Democrats Abroad India
Dr Tausif Malik. Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

Dr Tausif Malik, the treasurer for Democrats Abroad India, shared his ideas for American Independence Day. He said, “As a Non-resident American, I miss the July 4 celebrations. I miss how my late father used to take me to show the fireworks, which were held at Navy Pier Chicago, located at Lake Michigan. My parents really enjoyed the celebrations. I remember my dad used to come early from work and we all used to go by CTA bus to downtown Chicago, and carry portable chairs, snacks and juice and watch the fireworks show.”

The Indian-American social entrepreneur also shared his message to fellow Americans, “My message to fellow Americans is that be democratically involved and fight for the founding father's principles of freedom, equality and liberation. Our country is going through challenging times. Register yourself to vote. We at Democrats Abroad India are working to encourage American citizens living in India to register to vote by mail and register with, and participate by voting in local, state and federal elections.”

US President Donald Trump helped kick off the celebrations and also tweeted a video of a chorus singing the song Make America Great Again, backed by a massive American flag. He later tweeted: “Getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July with a big crowd at the White House. Happy 4th to everyone. Our country will grow and prosper!”