American Airlines flight makes struggling landing at London Airport amid high winds

An American Airlines flight struggled and experienced a bumpy landing at the Heathrow Airport in London amid strong winds caused due to Storm Gerrit on Wednesday (December 27, 2023).

 American Airlines faces tough landing at London Airport in the UK amid strong winds. Photo Courtesy:  Big Jet TV X page video grab

A video of the landing was shared on X by BigJetTV where the wings of the  Boeing 777 were seen tilting and angling towards the ground on the runway.

Big Jet TV posted on X: “American 777 insane landing at London Heathrow! Caught during our livestream at @HeathrowAirport. Strong, gusting crosswind elements catching-out even the most seasoned pilots! Wouldn’t have liked being the NFP on this one watch the flight surfaces.”

Several flights were cancelled and air traffic saw major delays at Heathrow amid strong winds caused due to the storm.

UK’s flag carrier British Airways reportedly cancelled 13 flights due to inclement weather.

In Ireland, Dublin Airport remained unscathed, though Cork saw four diversions, to Dublin and Shannon, reported CNN.

UK Met Office on Wednesday (December 27, 2023) predicted Storm Gerrit would bring strong winds and heavy rain to many parts of the UK on Wednesday, with wintry hazards also likely, especially across northern Scotland.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders had said: “Storm Gerrit will run towards western UK on Wednesday and bring with it potential impacts for much of the UK.”

“Winds across southern coastal areas of England will be strong, possibly peaking around 70 mph on exposed coastlines, but more widely around 50-60 mph within the warning area,” Saunders said.