98.4 per cent qualify Primary School Leaving Examination in Singapore

A record number of 98.4 per cent of students have qualified Primary School Leaving Examination ( PSLE) in Singapore and have become eligible for the secondary school.

About 98.4 per cent students have qualified in PSLE examination in Singapore. Photo courtesy: HSK Centre

According to a release from Ministry of Education (MOE), a total of 38,808 Primary 6 students sat for the PSLE this year. 38,180 students (or 98.4 per cent ) are assessed suitable to proceed to secondary school. 66.4 per cent are eligible for the Express course, 21.4 per cent for the Normal (Academic) course, and 10.6 per cent  for the Normal (Technical) course.

For the 628 students (or 1.6 per cent) who did not qualify for the Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) courses, those who attempted the PSLE for the first time may re-attempt the PSLE in the coming year or apply to Assumption Pathway School (APS) or NorthLight School (NLS). Those who have made more than one attempt at PSLE will be preferentially offered a place in APS or NLS.

Education is very important in Singapore and government identifies the bright students at an early stage so that they can be groomed and play part in the betterment of the country. Photo courtesy: Study in Singapore guide

Students who have decided on their secondary school options can submit their forms at their primary school from 9am to 3pm until Nov 30, excluding weekends. Alternatively, they can make an online submission via the Secondary One Internet System until Nov 30 at 3pm.

“We would like to reiterate that there are many different secondary schools to choose from. Some have unique programmes while others offer different educational paths, but all seek to maximise the potential of every student. When choosing secondary schools, we would encourage students, in discussion with their parents, to consider schools with environments best suited to their learning needs and interests (e.g. Applied Learning Programmes, Learning for Life Programmes, CCAs), and the proximity of the school from their home, amongst other factors,” said MOE.

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