8,422 orders in a minute? Foodies went hell for leather on NYE 2023

Believe it or not, foodies in India created several records on New Year’s Eve 2023. On the night of December 31, as many as 8,422 orders were placed within a single minute! The orders were placed using food aggregator app Zomato.

As per Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal, the said orders were placed at 8:06 pm.

Goyal also tweeted about several other numbers that the food service app recorded throughout the evening.

One person from Kolkata ordered 125 items, taking home the crown that night. When an inquisitive fellow social media user asked Goyal how many delivery partners would pick up the order, he replied just one. Guess the item? It was roomali rotis.

The company deputed over 320000 delivery partners across its Zomato and Blinkit apps.

Foodies in Bangalore booked the most events and tables to ring in the new year.

The app also hits several highs — orders sold per minute, soft drinks and tonic water sold, chips sold in a day, tips given to riders, orders in a day.

The cumulative tips were over Rs 97 lakhs (USD 116,423).

Just a few days ago, Zomato revealed that biryani was the most sold dish of year 2023. Pizza and noodles bowl ranked second and third, respectively.