5 Incredible things to do in Kerala

Kerala is one of the most explored destination by people from every part of the world. We all have heard of backwaters and scenic beauty of Kerala, but this piece would trigger your senses where I am going to tell you unexplored features of Kerala. Listed below are the five incredible things to explore when you are in Kerala.

Photo Courtesy: Kerala Tourism

Elephant Bathing

Watching elephants in a zoo is something we all must have done, or maybe looking at them roaming in a safari. But having a real experience of playing with them is truly an elated idea. You can have lifetime experience of elephant bathing in Kodanad. It is a small rural riverside village in Ernakulam district of Kerala. This elephant bath activity can be enjoyed at the Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary, along with other activities like elephant safari, watching baby elephant and elephant feeding.

Photo Courtesy: Kerala Travels

Village life for a day

Have this authentic rural experience at Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village. Untouched by the mighty hands of industrialization, village life is a symphony composed on the strings of beauty. Get the real taste of being at a village by exploring the local paddy cultivation, fishing, crab farming and canoeing in mangrove forests. You can also have unique experience of homestays in village, far from tumult of cities. Options of homestays are available in the village for memorable tour.

Seafood Treat

The land of meadows is blessed with rich inshore fishing areas. From shrimp to cuttlefish and quid, few other forms of fish are must try. Kerala is one of the large global markets of commercial export of these fish. It is also the largest fish landing state in India. Global Markets like South East Asia, Japan, Europe and the USA are favorite in sourcing canned seafood from Kerala. Japan has been the single largest consumer of Kerala’s marine export for many years. So now you know that you can’t miss the luscious seafood.

Heavenly Prawns Fry of Kerala

Tea Plantation

If you are keen on knowing about where does the original Indian masala tea comes from, then visiting the tea plantation in Munnar is a must for you. Even if you aren’t a tea person, visiting this small and marvelous place would be worth going. Visit the Kannan Devan Plantation Museum to witness tea-processing and taste different teas. Once you are at the top at Kolukkumalai estate, you can see whole process of making tea, and if you lucky enough, you may get to see locally cultivated fresh tea leaves getting hand plucked.

Tranquil Tea Plantations of Munnar, Kerala

Stay in Tree House

This could be a terrific adventure to stay in a tree house. Get closer to nature and have this joyful experience in Wayanad, Munnar, Athirapally and Thekkady. There is something fascinating about tree houses. They can be romantic and yet so adventurous at the same time. You also have a choice in getting indulge in activities like rock climbing, rappling, nature walks and mountain bikes.

Exotic Tree House in Wayanad

There are surely many more things to do, places to visit, explore the beautiful state, but let’s leave that to your next trip to Kerala.

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