Yahoo layoffs in Singapore: 17 editorial and social media staffers lose jobs as content strategy shifts

The layoffs in the tech sector are going on and on, with 17 people in the Yahoo Singapore office now facing the exit. They were reportedly told about the termination on April 23 and will leave the company by May 7.

Yahoo sign
Yahoo Singapore is offering the retrenched staff members 2 weeks’ pay per year of service as severance package. Photo courtesy:

The Edge Singapore reported that the 17 staff members were in the editorial and social media teams, and their positions were gone because of a shift in the company’s content strategy, focusing more on syndicated content.

Severance pay for the affected employees amounts to 2 weeks’ salary for every year of service.

As Yahoo’s focus shifts to syndicated content from global news agencies, there will be less need for original content created in Singapore — hence, the cut in team strength.

However, even as some jobs are lost, some new ones are likely to be created, including in the roles of “curation editors”. The laid-off employees can apply for these new roles.