World’s most expensive cake featuring Aamir Khan prepared for Indian Independence Day

An ardent Indian patriot living in Dubai has ordered the creation of the world’s most expensive gold-coated cake worth AED146,921 (USD40,000) as a tribute to Indian Independence Day which will be celebrated on August 15. The cake features Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who immortalised the character of Mahavir Singh Phogat in the film Dangal.

World's most expensive cake worth AED146,921 prepared in Dubai for Indian Independence Day.
World’s most expensive cake worth AED146,921 prepared in Dubai for Indian Independence Day. Photo courtesy: Facebook

The credit for the creation of this expensive and immaculately designed confection goes to the artistes of Dubai’s Broadway Bakery. The head chef and the product design teams spent more than a week studying Aamir Khan’s personality in the film Dangal to perfect the model’s expression and larger than life presence.

In a Facebook post, Broadway Bakery noted that the cake shows Aamir Khan “glamorously looking on with unwavering conviction as he trains his daughters Geeta and Babita for Olympic greatness.”

“The client wanted gold to be generously incorporated into the cake and we fulfilled the request by coating each medal with 75 grams of edible gold,” the bakery noted, adding that it took Broadway’s teams over three weeks and 1,200 man-hours to create the cake.

It also noted, “The cake is 100 per cent edible and made entirely using sugar fondant, the signature chocolate sponge, ganache, Belgian chocolate, demerara sugar and edible gold. The Signature Chocolate Cake is one of the best tasting gourmet cakes in town.”

The fresh sponge weights 30kg, while the overall weight serves 54kg. Broadway Bakery estimates the cake can comfortably serve 240 guests.

The cake also features two gold medals for each of the daughters represented.

This bakery is also credited with the creation of AED99,171 (USD27,000) 32kg, four-foot high fondant cake featuring Game of Thrones fan favourite Tyrion Lannister. The cake – which took three weeks to make – was intricately detailed, featuring the hundreds of swords that make up the show’s Iron Throne and even stubble and the notable scar the character suffered in battle during the show’s second season.