Himachal CM announces work plan to plant10,000 hectares of land under green initiatives

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the state forest department has set an afforestation drive target of approximately 257 hectares of hilltops across 15 forest divisions under the "Mukhya Mantri Green Cover Mission".

Barren hills to go Green
Barren hills to go Green. Photo courtesy: Canva

An ambitious initiative of the Chief Minister 'Mukhya Mantri Green Cover Mission' has been introduced in the State, wherein plantation will be started on large chunks of barren hills to increase the green cover by planting eco-friendly species.

The forest department has identified the specific areas for plantation during this monsoon season. These include 30 hectares in Kullu Forest Division, 25 hectares each in Nahan and Solan, 22 hectares in Parvati, and 20 hectares in Kinnaur Forest Division, among others. The Mission aims to increase the green cover and also intends to eradicate wild obnoxious weeds on the hilltops, further contributing to the conservation of the environment in the state.

Additionally, the Forest Department has been directed to prepare a work plan to plant approximately 10,000 hectares of land under various other departmental schemes, further contributing to the state's green initiatives, said the Chief Minister.

To ensure the success of the Mission, the forest officials have been assigned the responsibility of monitoring the plantations and ensuring their survival. This comprehensive approach not only emphasizes environmental conservation but also highlights the government's commitment to sustainable development in the region.

"Himachal Pradesh is known for its diverse ecosystems, encompassing the Trans-Himalayan and Himalayan Biogeographic Zones, along with the presence of the Shivaliks, Western Himalayas, and Trans-Himalayan regions. Recognizing the significance of its rich biodiversity, the State Government is taking proactive measures to increase the forest cover", said Sh. Sukhu. The 'Mukhya Mantri Green Cover Mission' signifies the state's determination to preserve its natural heritage for future generations, he added.

The Chief Minister further emphasized for effectively utilizing the allocated funds for the mission and to ensure the success of the scheme. The state aspires to enhance its forest cover and set an example for other regions, fostering for a greener and more sustainable future, Sh. Sukhu said.