Why has McDonald’s India stopped using tomatoes?

Fast food chain McDonald’s announced it was removing tomatoes from its menu in certain parts of India following the price hike across the country.

A photo of a McDonald's notice stating that it is suspending the use of tomatoes in its food products is going viral on social media.

Heavy rain in some tomato-growing areas and hotter-than-normal temperatures in June hit the output of the crop, causing a five-fold increase in prices this year. Although tomatoes usually become expensive in the production months of June and July, the price increase this year has been enormous. 

The post was shared by a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, Aditya Shah, on Twitter. The circular titled 'Temporary Unavailability of Tomatoes' was issued by the fast-food chain on their letterhead. It stated that McDonald's is facing difficulties in affording tomatoes and hence they are "forced to serve" food items without the kitchen staple. 

"We are ever committed to serve you the best food with the best of ingredients. Despite our best efforts, we are not able to get adequate quantities of tomatoes which pass our world class stringent quality checks," it added.

"Hence for the time being we are forced to serve you products without tomatoes. Rest assured; we are working to get the tomatoes supplies back," McDonald's concluded.