White House withdraws Indian-American Neera Tanden’s nomination as director of Office of Management and Budget

The White House has withdrawn Indian-American Neera Tanden's nomination to be director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. This comes in the wake of bipartisan opposition to her nomination for the top position. 

Photo courtesy: LinkedIn
Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

Tanden would have been the first woman of color to lead the powerful budget agency. 

Tanden faced opposition from various senators due to past social media posts that attacked Republican lawmakers. Tanden wrote a letter to President Biden withdrawing from consideration and admitting that she had no remaining path to confirmation.

Trouble with her nomination began in February when Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said he would oppose Tanden due to her past remarks targeting Republicans. With the Senate control 50-50 between the Republicans and Democrats, Tanden would need at least one Republican vote to be confirmed. However, Republican senators from possible swing states – Susan Collins (Maine), and Mitt Romney (Utah) – also said they would not back her.