When Indian classical dance meets Western stagecraft: Mythili Prakash

Renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Mythili Prakash's performances are electrifying. Her belief in the inherent spirituality of the art form is evident in the way it anchors all of her work to the idea of “Oneness” and the seeking of it.

On Mar 24, Mythili brings her production MARA – THE MASTERMIND out of United States for the first time, to the Esplanade Theatres. Created together with her equally talented brother Aditya Prakash, the act has also been staged at the Ford Amphitheatre at Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, New York.

The organisers described MARA – THE MASTERMIND as bringing together "the depth of Eastern philosophy, aesthetics of Indian classical arts, and dynamism of Western stagecraft and music".

Mythili Prakash speaks to Connected to India in an exclusive interview about her upcoming production, as well as issues close to her heart, such as the trends of Indian classical solo dance and how her role in Life of Pi fills her journey as a choreographer. 


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