WATCH: Kid travels over 100 kilometres while sitting between wheels of train; Rescued by cops

An astonishing incident was witnessed in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. A kid living near the railway tracks was playing on a freight train. He travelled almost 100 kilometres after being stuck between the wheel set, after the train started moving. The boy was finally rescued in Hardoi by the Railway Protection Force (RPF).

The helpless child was rescued by an RFP cop. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
The child was rescued by an RFP cop. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

Fortunately, the young boy wasn’t hurt, despite the scorching heat and being placed so uncomfortably between the wheel set of the moving train.

Child could not get down in time

It so happened that the little boy had climbed the goods train that was waiting on the tracks. He was busy playing when the train started moving. When he realised, it was too late to jump.

An alert RPF constable found the boy stuck between the wheel set. The video shows how the boy is helped by the RPF constable. The boy crawls and then slowly walks out as he manages to free himself.

The boy looks tired and drained, which is only natural considering the distance and the heat he endured. The boy was later handed over to the Child Care in Hardoi.

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