WATCH: John Cena turns up NAKED on stage to present award for Best Costume at Oscars 2024

WWE superstar John Cena took the biggest stars of global cinema by surprise as he walked up the stage at the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday wearing, well, nothing! He was seen presenting the Oscar for the Best Costume in his birthday suit, and while at it, he stressed at how important the costumes department was.

John Cena at the Oscars presenting the Best Costume Award. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal.
John Cena at the Oscars. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal.

Cena was seen pulling off an act with host Jimmy Kimmel during the Oscars night before presenting the award. He was seen telling Kimmel that he was nervous and could not come out nude in front of the audience, only to be encouraged, and borderline reprimanded by the latter to get on the stage and do what he was tasked with.

It all began after Kimmel indirectly referred to an incident that happened back in 1974 at the 46th Oscars when a naked man had run across the stage. “Can you imagine if a nude man ran across the stage today?” the host asked, and that is when a nude Cena showed up from behind the stage.

As the audience members had a hearty laugh at his expense, Cena then came to the fore, hiding his man parts with an envelope and announcing the winner in the Best Costume category.

“Costumes, they are so important,” he quipped, and as the crowd erupted into a thunderous applause, he announced that the winner for the Best Costume Design was Holly Waddington for her work in ‘Poor Things’.

Cena was later seen covering up in what looked like a curtain-gown, which further left the audience in splits.

Meanwhile, the Oscars 2024 concluded with Oppenheimer bagging the maximum awards (seven), followed by Poor Things.

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