WATCH: Indian man marries mother-in-law after family members discover their affair

A news story from northern India’s Bihar has left many people astonished, prompting questions about how such a situation could occur. Numerous individuals are labeling this incident as morally questionable within the societal framework.

The bizarre wedding took place in front of the locals in the village. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
The bizarre marriage took place in front of the locals in the village. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

An unusual love story between a son-in-law and mother-in-law has emerged from Banka district of the state. The son-in-law, who fell in love with his wife’s mother, ended up marrying her as soon as the family members got a hint of their affair. This incident, which took place in Heer Moti Gaon of Chhatra Pal Panchayat, has become the talk of the entire district.

According to reports, 55-year-old Dileshwar Darve’s wife Geeta Devi, aged 45, was involved in a romantic relationship with their son-in-law, Sikandar Yadav. After the death of his wife, Sikandar started living in his in-laws’ house. The mother-in-law and son-in-law grew closer to each other during this period.

When Geeta Devi’s husband became suspicious, he conducted an investigation, leading to the exposure of their affair. Both of them were caught red-handed. Dileshwar informed the Panchayat about this. Sikandar Yadav openly confessed his love for his mother-in-law in front of the Panchayat and the villagers. Subsequently, with the consent of Dileshwar and the villagers, Sikandar and Geeta Devi got married.

Not only this, but Dileshwar also arranged a court marriage between his wife and son-in-law. With the approval of the villagers, Sikandar took Geeta Devi to his home in front of everyone.

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