WATCH: Indian dacoit Ganga Prasad eats live snake after coming out of jail; video goes viral

In an incident that can only be termed as strange and disgusting, apart from being gory, a dacoit named Ganga Prasad, who was recently released from the jail, was caught on camera eating a live snake in UP’s Fatehpur. According to people with some knowledge about the incident, the dacoit was fulfilling his “cravings” for snakes after getting released from the jail recently, as he was used to “feasting” on snakes after catching them from the land or river.

Ganga Prasad biting the snake. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal
Ganga Prasad biting the snake. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

The dacoit reportedly has a fetish for eating live snakes. In a video that has now gone viral, the dacoit Ganga Prasad is seen catching a snake from the river before biting off a piece of the reptile.

In the video, it is seen that the dacoit reaches the river and at first it appears that he is trying to collect some water in his palm. However, he snatches a snake from the river and then utters some gibberish.

He soon bites off the snakes’ head and then chews it apart, shows the video, even as those recording the clip on the phone question him as to what he was up to. He soon toys with the snake and ties it around his fist before walking off.

Ganga Prasad is a dreaded dacoit, who has been synonymous with the word terror and fear in Fatehpur.

The history sheeter is said to have served long years in the jail. However, that did not diminish his penchant for the eccentric and scary one bit, as evident in his snake-eating video.

Dacoit Ganga Prasad is an active member of the Shankar Kevat gang in the area, which is infamous for its acts of loot and intimidation. This particular video is said to be from Kishanpur Thana’s Kalka Ka Dera.

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