Visit top 5 water parks in Singapore for fun-filled day

In the summer months in Singapore, there's always an occasion to enjoy a scoop of frozen ice cream or play in a pool which is open to the public. However, there's nothing that lets you unleash your childish side more than top-quality wave pools and water slides. In order to boost the excitement, the water parks have the largest guns like fast flume rides, water slides that are high-speed and also obstacle courses that can be inflatable, similar to Wipeout. If you would prefer to play with less energy, you are able to change to one of the lazy rivers. They are wet play areas that are more relaxing and simple.

1. Adventure Cove Waterpark

A variety of aquatic species are housed at Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore.
A variety of aquatic species are housed at Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore. Photo courtesy: STB

The distinctive experiences set Adventure Cove Waterpark apart from the competitors. You may interact with the ferocious and hospitable aquatic wildlife at a number of locations, including Ray Bay, Shark Encounter, and Rainbow Reef. It has unique enclosures where a variety of aquatic species are housed. Experience the exhilarating water activities at Adventure Cove Singapore, the only aquatic and marine life park in Southeast Asia. This water park, which is well renowned for having Asia's first hydro-magnetic coaster, also provides trips to aquariums where visitors may see incredible marine life. Take part in strenuous pursuits like Dueling Racer, Bluewater Bay, and Adventure River. Bring your kids to this wonderful park so they can enjoy a fun-filled day.

2. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is spread across 49 acres and has the most exciting rides and attractions.
Universal Studios is spread across 49 acres and has the most exciting rides and attractions. Photo courtesy: STB

Universal Studios in Singapore is the only theme park in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore that draws visitors to visit. Universal Studios is spread across 49 acres and has the most exciting rides and attractions. It has seven themed zones that are located along the shores of a lagoon waiting to be visited by a large number of amazed people. The theme of each is inspired by the most popular television show and features its own unique attractions, along with meeting and greet areas that offer an endless amount of entertainment. There are only a handful of places in the world that are made by dreamers. One of them can include Universal Studios. Singapore Universal Studios has more than thirty food courts, restaurants serving tasty meals, as well as more than twenty retail stores and carts. From thrilling roller coasters to relaxing and incredible shows and performances there's something suitable for everyone. It is definitely worth the time to get an in-depth look. The most well-known rides are Jurassic Park Rapids, Transformers 3D Battle, and many more. Be prepared to meet characters such as Pixar's cute ogre, the lively Minions Shrek and Frankenstein's monster. It's amazing regardless of the company you are employed by.

3. Wild Wild Wet

Since its opening in 2004, Wild Wild Wet Singapore has been luring a large number of thrill-seeking and gentle ride enthusiasts to its splash areas. There is a lot to do at Wild Wild Wet, including high-speed flume rides and wave pools. If you have young kids, take them to the Professor's Playground, which has a large selection of miniature slides, water buckets, and fountains that will keep them occupied for hours. They can also be left at the shallow pool beside Yippie! and allowed to splash around as long as they desire. Those who simply want to laze around and soak up some sun can stroll along the River Shiok's leisurely course or unwind by the wave pool.

4. Singapore River Safari

A water park around rivers is situated in the middle of Singapore ZOO and Night safari.
A water park around rivers is situated in the middle of Singapore ZOO and Night safari. Photo courtesy: STB

The very first zoo which has a theme of rivers and is situated in Asia Pacific is called River Safari and is also the top theme and water park situated in Singapore. Since 2014 The River Safari has been accessible to visitors to view. The most famous rivers in the world are within the zoo which is accessible for tours. The park of 12 ha built around rivers is situated in the middle of Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. You can buy Singapore River Safari Tickets online to skip the line ticket and enjoy an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Since its opening, it has attracted an enormous number of people and has become the most popular Singapore tourism destination. The Singapore Water Park is an ideal spot to relax after a long journey around Singapore and enjoy the water. The most well-known attraction in Singapore, Wild Wild Wet is designed to be fun for all families. There is the option to slide down lengthy slides, relax by the pool or just have great fun in the pool. Lifeguards are posted throughout the park to assist in the incident of an accident and the children are protected within this park. The longest vertically-long slide in Asia is located in the water park. It is rated the highest and is renowned for its entertainment that is sure to make you laugh.

5. Splash N Surf

Splash Surf water play area, which is located on the third floor at Kallang Wave Mall, is located on the third level. Kallang Wave Mall is the perfect place to hide from the scorching sun and hot heat. It's a fantastic small area where children can play at any time of the day. However, it's also a great location for adults to enjoy a relaxing time with their loved ones. The play area splits into two parts with a smaller space (0.6 meters deep) that is suitable for smaller children and a bigger playground that is equipped with the potential for buckets, slides along other water-related activities. There's also an area to surf, dubbed "Stingray" and a soothing and serene Lazy swimming area along the Lazy River. It is a great place for a relaxing break after a hard and exhausting day. Splash-N-Surf is designed specifically for children from 3 to 12 years old. It is located at 3rd level 3 of Kallang Wave Mall. Kallang Wave Mall features two water play areas. One is a beautiful pool that is 6 meters deep. The other is an enjoyable water play zone with slides as well as water buckets and swings and other features. As per its name, the play area is a playground for kids to play and splash according to the way they would like. The entire area is secured and watched by security guards who are there at all times.

6. HydroDash Singapore

In Singapore's first amusement park that is floating it is possible to experience the most amazing Wipeout dreams. The huge inflatable playground, with obstacle courses that are located close to The resort's Palawan Beach, allows young youngsters and teens to leap into, slide around, dive, or bounce. 

Experience four exciting and fun floating rides suitable for all age groups. Imagine jumping off a trampoline that is floating in the water. There are zones with various levels of expertise to ensure that everyone has enjoyable. The Level 1 experience is intended for children aged between 5 to 8 (each child must be accompanied by the age of an adult while Levels 2, 3 and 4 have been specifically designed for children who are nine and above. Swim around in the children's pool and cool off in the waters in the summer heat. You can also leap off the springboard which can be 3 meters high, and slide across the Action Tower to race around Amusement Park rides screaming as you plunge in the water. Whatever you choose to do, Hydrodash can be sure to give your family and friends an enjoyable time.