Vishnu: Dreaming big for Singapore’s Tamil entertainment industry

Charming, witty and much-liked Vishnu Anandh ​acts, hosts, writes and even directs, yet he exclaims, “There is so much left to do, that I feel that I am behind times.” 

The lead actor of Singapore's first and only Tamil movie, Vishnu declares Singapore is more than ready to do bigger things in the area of film making. “We have fantastic actors and actresses here and I believe we are ready to go toe to toe with any other Tamil-speaking medium in Malaysia, or even India itself.”

Vishnu is also not afraid to talk about how negative comments affect him. “Of course we live for the applause and the compliments. Or else, why are you an actor? But when negativity strikes, work goes on.” 

Enjoy our interview with Vishnu Anandh, as he opens up about his struggles, his hunger to keep learning, and his belief that he is in a good place to work hard and do something for those who need it.